Backup Battery Solutions

Back Up the Power of the Sun


Store solar energy to use later with battery backup solutions provided by Kaitanna Solar. The Mullica Hill, NJ company offers solar storage batteries that are 50% more efficient and 35% less expensive than traditional batteries.


Beyond being a great choice for the environment, solar energy is a great choice for your wallet. When you use solar energy to power your home, you lower your gas and electrical bills. Plus, Kaitanna Solar offers financing plans to offset the initial costs of setting up a solar panel system. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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The solar energy experts at Kaitanna Solar offer four solar backup solutions:

  • Encharge 3™ storage system – The Encharge 3™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system, based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP)chemistry and with four embedded grid-forming microinverters, provides a total usable energy capacity of 3.4kWh. It provides great flexibility instarting small and adding capacity over time. 10-Year limited warranty.
  • Enpower™ smart switch – The Enpower™ smart switch connects the home to grid power, the Encharge storage system, andPV. It provides microgrid interconnection device(MID) functionality by automatically detecting and seamlessly transitioning the system from grid power to backup power in the event of a grid failure. 10-Year limited warranty.
  • Encharge 10™ storage system – The Encharge 10™ all-in-one AC-coupled storage system, comprised of three Encharge 3™ storage units and with twelve embedded grid-forming microinverters, provides a total usable energy capacity of 10.1kWh. Connect multiple Encharge 10storage systems to maximize backup potential for whole-home backup. 10-Year limited warranty.
  • IQ™ combiner – The IQ™ combiner consolidates interconnection equipment into a single enclosure and streamlines installations by providing a consistent, pre-wired solution. Add the Enphase communication kit to any IQ combiner to enable wireless communication between Encharge and Enpower. 5-Year limited warranty.