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Are you ready to save on energy costs? Are you ready to declare energy independence and ensure your home has an efficient, high-tech source of power? Kaitanna Solar provides solar energy solutions for residential customers in Mullica Hill and the surrounding areas in New Jersey.
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Are you tired of shelling out big for electric bills? Or concerned about the future supply of energy in our world? Want to positively affect the environment while enjoying federal tax credits?

Kaitanna Solar in Mullica Hill, New Jersey is here to help.

Kaitanna Solar is a local, family-owned company with over eight years of solar industry experience. Staffed by solar technology experts (not salespeople), Kaitanna Solar works to provide you with the best product for your needs at our lowest prices.

With a thorough evaluation process, you can be sure Kaitanna Solar will take all aspects of your specific situation into consideration, from overall electricity usage to environmental factors that could disrupt the optimum performance of your new solar panels. We also have leasing and pricing options to match any customer’s budgets and goals.

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  • Enjoy federal tax credits

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We endeavor to support local businesses whenever possible. When it came time to go solar, we avoided the national companies in home improvement stores and those that knocked upon our door and called us on our phone. After meeting with several local, reputable companies, we decided to contract with Kaitanna Solar, and this was a fantastic decision. We had personal attention and support from the owner, Rich, throughout the design, approval, and installation processes. Our installation crew was professional, knowledgeable, and did a great job installing both our roof panels and ground array. I highly recommend Kaitanna Solar. They went above and beyond with their care and attention.

Nicolle Lombardo

Definitely knew their stuff. Quality installation. Quality customer care. Returned messages fairly quickly. Certainly recommend them.


My wife and I spent almost a year researching and talking with other solar companies about making this investment. Kaitanna met with us on several occasions to answer questions and presented a number of options for us to consider. Always professional, never pushy, they allowed us to make our decision on our own terms and so far have made good on whatever they promised. We have referred others to Kaitanna and they too have chosen use their services. As we move toward and eventual Whole House Battery I will use this Kaitanna again at that time.


In the spring time of 2012, after two years of interviewing other contractors, six or eight of them, we hired Rich from Kaitanna Solar. He explained to us in pretty clear detail what to expect out of the system. How it would not only take care of our domestic use but also how we would collect revenue from the system in the long run. We insisted on American-made panels which he agreed with and was easily able to supply. He also explained the efficiency from one panel to another and why some panels are less expensive than others. Rich also explained to us how the government tax credit worked and how we could run that through our personal business so we could save the most money. He made us feel very comfortable in a way that the other companies simply didn't have the ability to do. We also felt as though we didn't have to babysit him or his workers. Other companies just wanted to make the sale and move on. As an added note, in June 2015 we went through a very devastating storm. A lot of our solar panels got destroyed. Rich had helped us with the insurance claim to try and recoup some of our losses. I have recommended him to my brother and he in turn has recommended him to many of his neighbors. Kaitanna solar might be one of the only contractors since my wife and I built our house that we have repeatedly recommend. Even to people that never even thought about going green. Rich and I are in constant communication making sure our system runs efficiently. We would give him the highest recommendation that contractor could be given.


Rich handle all the paperwork permit in a timely manner. When it came to the insulation WOW his team did a fantastic jobNeat and clean. My system was installed in 2010 and I have had no issuesIf your on the fence don't worry kaitanna solar is the go to company to install your solar system. Any questions you can email at [email protected]