Back Up the Power of the Sun

Solar battery backup solutions in Mullica Hill & Washington Township, NJ

Store solar energy to use later with battery backup solutions provided by Kaitanna Solar. The Mullica Hill, NJ company offers solar storage batteries that are 50% more efficient and 35% less expensive than traditional batteries.

The solar energy experts at Kaitanna Solar offer four solar backup solutions through JLMEnergy. They are:

  • Phazr – This solution places the batteries directly under a solar panel. Phazr can be scaled to any size, for residential use up to thousand-panel utility systems.
  • Energizr 100 – This solution creates a local microgrid that can continue to generate energy even during a blackout. This system works in both residential and small commercial applications.
  • Energizr 200 – This flexible solar solution works with your existing grid to reduce your energy bill. The software monitors your energy usage in real-time, then draws from your solar system, your grid or your batteries depending on which option is most efficient for you.
  • Linez – This solution measures the energy you use at home and what’s being produced by your solar panels. It can then send commands to your Loadz system to turn off applications that are wasting energy.

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Why should you use solar energy?

Beyond being a great choice for the environment, solar energy is a great choice for your wallet. When you use solar energy to power your home, you lower your gas and electrical bills. Plus, Kaitanna Solar offers financing plans to offset the initial costs of setting up a solar panel system. Reach out to us today to learn more.